Signs that show your partner wants to stay close to you

Signs that show your partner wants to stay close to you

Whereas on some days, you might face the dilemma of whether your better half is happy with you or not. Well, you are not alone!

At times, just hearing “I Love You” from your loved one is not enough to help you believe and feel secure about your relationship. And so, there are ways to identify and be sure that your partner values you a lot.

"Actions speak louder than words", sometimes this phrase is the most applicable technique to help you understand that even if your partner doesn't express their gratitude and attraction with sugary or lovey-dovey words, their behaviour does.

Here are some signs to make you believe your partner is head over heels for you.

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If your partner is sharing his deepest thoughts, unburdening themselves from the pressure of work, calling you first from time to time, etc., you can safely say they love you a lot. You are their only soulmate, and they rely on you more than anyone else.

Moreover, apart from the daily hustle and lifestyle changes, many couples also talk about their fantasies and desires with each other. This may include telling which contraceptive they like among different types of condoms, places they want to explore together, sex positions to try in their intimate sessions, etc.


“You always come FIRST”
You always come FIRST

It is true that we all are too indulged in fulfilling our work-life commitments. But, if your partner is able to balance it with giving you enough affection and care, they are the best companion you can get in your lifetime.



This point generally applies to men as they are born protectors. If your guy is protective of you and has the will to keep you out of harm’s way, these are some of his actions to show how much he cares for you.

However, females also have this quality of protecting their partners from allegations, self harm, and external prejudices, etc.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Have you ever got a ticket in your bag for your favourite destination? Or were you surprised by your partner with a beautiful date? No matter whether the present is big or small, it's the efforts that matter in love. Such investments in a relationship lead to having a pleasurable love life. Hence, consider these cute surprises as a sign to realize that your partner wants to spend some quality time with you in order to get closer and have an intense lovemaking session.

Besides, if they dress to impress you, take you shopping, cook delicious meals and help you with household chores, it is obvious that your partner wants to stay close to you. Hence, never miss the opportunity to notice these gestures and eliminate lingering doubts, if any. Just be present and open with your feelings towards your partner. Together, you can solve any mystery or obstacle.

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