Skincare for beginners – How to tackle acne?

Skincare for beginners – How to tackle acne?

Hello, all the teenagers! How are you doing? Hope you are fitting in well with all the body changes. Trust us, it will settle soon. Everything at this point might seem very overwhelming. Like that one strand of unruly hair or your first acne.  

Your first acne can turn your world upside down. Nothing might seem to matter, and all your energies will be focused on curing that one acne or hiding it from the world. Your worries are valid. Take it slow. Acne, just like all other skin related problems take time to resolve, but with the right support you could have a clear and radiant skin in no time!

Since we are the acne experts, let us give you a few tips that can help you deal with the stubborn acne before it gets out of hand. Because let’s face it, we don’t want to end up with acne marks that require months to fade. Better be prepared than sorry, right?

Walk with us as we run you through a doable acne routine with some simple steps.

Stop scrolling and start being mindful

Enough of watching delusional content on the internet that makes you question your worth and wear those comfy pyjamas and focus on your habits. Make a list of do’s that will help you heal physically, mentally, and emotionally first. This will help you build a mindset for future to deal with any acne outburst.

Visit a dermatologist at the earliest

It will be a first. A first that will be worth it. Before you even apply anything on your skin and cure the acne, you need to know what your skin is. You will be told what your skin type is, what it reacts to and what it really needs. This diagnosis will help you know your skin and understand why it is prone to acne.

Ardently follow the advice

Now that you know why your skin has acne, your journey to recovery begins. You will have do’s and don’ts that your dermatologist will recommend. Do not slack! Follow that routine right from cleansing to applying products to moisturizing to applying sunscreen. It might be overwhelming but stick to the routine.

Give your skin the love!

While you are following the routine, do not forget to appreciate the recovery. You will see visible differences once you begin following the routine and follow up with your doctor. Focus on the acne recovery and being grateful to all the help you are receiving from all ends. It will prepare you for a holistic recovery.

Always trust credible products

You are aware that there are multiple products out there that might claim to treat your acne. Remember that all of those might not suit your skin. Always look out for credible products that have been formulated after years like AcneStar. Your skin is sensitive and needs to be taken care of in the right manner.

Taking care of your acne can begin with few simple steps. Make sure you pay attention to the smaller details like washing your hands before touching your face to avoid popping a acne, and dabbing your face wet instead of rubbing and your skin should be better in a few weeks.

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