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The Pleasure Guides

To make it memorable, lovebirds look for different ways and seek guidance from sexperts, etc. However, due to ample information available from distinct sources, choosing among the best and most effective /is a bit difficult/stressful, especially when you are being hooked up in the wedding preparations.

Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy is a beautiful but often trying time for the couple. The bliss of having a baby with your loved one is a great feeling but the period often comes with many difficulties such as nausea, morning sickness, unable to eat much, swelling in legs etc. and these are just a few of the many problems that the couple faces.

Skincare Guide

Your first acne can turn your world upside down. Nothing might seem to matter, and all your energies will be focused on curing that one acne or hiding it from the world. Your worries are valid. Take it slow. Acne, just like all other skin related problems take time to resolve, but with the right support you could have a clear and radiant skin in no time!

Acidity Care

Everyone likes a good celebration. For us Indians, there is no better way to get together with friends and family than with a feast of sumptuous and delicious dishes. While it is tempting to put one’s diet in the backseat, it is also easy to overdo indulgence and lose control at the dining table by eating too fast or too much, leading to an upset stomach or indigestion.

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Mankind Pharma Limited was formed in 1986 in India and was incorporated as company in 1991. However, it actively started functioning as a fully integrated pharmaceutical company in 1995 with approximately 14,000 employees.